MAS Collection Online

The MAS Collection currently contains over 500,000 objects. At least the basic data for all of these items are held in a collection database. The collection is still growing and the information on the objects is constantly expanded, improved and kept up to date.

The MAS is making the whole collection accessible via internet. This gives you an overview of the entire collection. In this way, the items that are not on display in the museum - over 95% of the total - are also made widely accessible.

Additions or reactions?
Since a collection database is a “work in progress”, and because errors can always creep into a large collection, the MAS is inviting you to help out. Comments can be added for every object. These will be used by the MAS to improve the information.

Conditions of use
By opening up the collection, the MAS is giving the public and researchers the possibility of using texts and images from the collection database for their own (non-commercial) purposes. The images are covered by a Creative Commons licence (attribution - non-commercial - no derivative works). The texts are freely usable, providing that MAS is mentioned as the source.

More information
The images are in low resolution. If you need a high-quality image, you can order one for a fee from the Museum or from the Museums and Heritage Antwerp Image Bank:

If you would like more information about the collection or if you have specific questions concerning an object, please feel free to contact the MAS by email at

The images from the MAS collection were created by the Collection Policy/Maintenance and Management Department and by external photographers. The documentation accompanying the objects was compiled by the MAS. The data are made accessible using our Adlib Museum collection management system. The data concerning content are only accessible in Dutch.

Website launch: 14 November 2013

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